Top 5 posts in 2012

Time to do a quick review of what posts got the most visitors last year. I’ll do one for Q1 2013 as well but that’ll have to wait until later. The list looks like this:

  1. Sharing implicit knowledge by writing, reading and reflecting – Written as an answer to one of Harold Jarches brilliant posts (Communities of practice enable the integration of work and learning) and the subject of sharing implicit knowledge.
  2. Going from training to coaching – Got some ideas about asking questions and getting that inner dialog from attending a webinar by Tim Hagen from Sales Progress in connection to what Scott H Young says about aceing your finals without studying.
  3. Annoyed with my own post: Why this focus on training? – About thinking the only way to learn is by creating or attending a training… Jeez…
  4. Sir Ken Robinson – a friend of yours? – If you don’t know this guy, get to know him!
  5. Turning implicit knowledge into explicit – On how you could help senior staff to be as great role models as possible for junior employees.