Learned about WordPress brute force attacks, but what did i do?

So, I learned that there were these bad guys hacking away at WordPress blogs (just as this one) a couple of months ago. That’s not a good thing. Hackers corrupting nice people’s blogs just for fun or for “evil” should get a good beating for what they do. But that’s beside the point as of now because – what did I do with this new knowledge?


Learning doesn’t mean performance or that things get done at all. My blog has all the posts still here thankfully but there are probably some that aren’t looking right and all old comments are gone. All because I’ve had to reinstall everything.

Now, a clean install isn’t THAT bad a thing really. It takes an hour or so. However, it IS that bad if you haven’t got an updated backup to reinstall from. Which I hadn’t…

By reading this I hope you don’t learn anything in particular but instead – increase your own WordPress security! I’m just getting started myself and a good place to start is