Going from training to coaching

I attended a webinar with Tim Hagen from Sales Progress and Training Reinforcement Partners on the subject of why coaching is such a powerful tool to get your employees really change and meet results. Why? Because coaching in principle means asking questions that starts the inner dialogue. By making people trying to answer questions themselves, instead of telling them what to do, it really takes hold much more. One is more prone to do as one self suggests than if it comes from the outside – often just leading to a defensive stance where people actually tries to disprove whatever the suggestion was.

Scott H Young says the following in a post on his blog:

When you are learning something, you can make associations simply by asking yourself questions. How does this information relate to what we’ve been studying? How does this information relate to other things I’ve already learned? How does it relate to other subjects, stories or observations?

Be creative and try to find several different points of reference for every idea you learn. Figure out not only what things are similar too, but why they are what they are. As this becomes a habit, you’ll find that you automatically remember information because it fits into your web of understanding.

This is step 1 of 5 on how to learn in what Scott calls a holistic way (it’s really an interesting read so give it a go!) and the reason I include it here is because coaching really is about helping a person ask these questions. To kickstart the process and get the change done from within thus involving the employee in the change process – actually, giving him/her the keys to its ignition and letting them drive off in any way they choose…

Since the end-result of all training activities always should be result it might be easier and more direct to go the coaching road instead of trying to succeed in Teaching > Training > Learning > Changing > Results. What I mean by “trying” is that you of course don’t HAVE to be trained to learn anything and you certainly don’t have to be taught anything to go through training…

To give you a bit more to think about yourself I’ve embedded a short presentation from Tim Hagen where he explains the why and how of coaching below.