Content graphical signature

I got inspired by the post The Art Of Timelines For Learning and this illustration on Wikimedia. The question I asked myself was; what if one could illustrate the content of a course (or a learning program) in a graphical way and thereby giving the content an unique visual signature? Click the picture below to see it better.


The idea is to show the following things:

  • There’s four lessons: 1) P&I Diagrams, 2) Calibration, 3) Validation and 4) Installation.
  • The lessons build upon each other in this specific order.
  • The duration of each lesson is stated at the end of it.
  • The duration of the course itself is summarized in an outer layer.
  • That four specific learning events/activities are introduced throughout the course and when.
  • The knowledge level (depth) of each lesson is indicated by the depth of each lessons fill color, e.g. in this example the lesson Calibration consists of a deep but quick subject and P&I Diagrams a more shallow subject that however stretches further over time.

Could this be something? The idea is that if you’ve got a curriculum of courses you could get a feeling for the courses and their subjects by looking at these graphical signatures, comparing them to one another.

NB! Of course, this doesn’t have to be a class-room course with lessons. It could be a student-driven exercise that they should do during a semester. The time-scale could be days and weeks instead of hours.