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How L&D became masters of doing the wrong thing

In a comment to Niklas Angmyr’s post on the subject of learning, corporate learning and the article Making Corporate Learning work by Shlomo Ben-Hur and Nik Kenley, Niklas get one of the authors to comment, namely Nik Kenley, and a very interesting point is made:

Corporate learning has behavioral change as its main goal – not learning. The clinch is that the L&D departments across the globe DO have learning as its main goal – not behavioral change.

Why does this matter? It’s similar to leaving your car at the mechanic’s expecting a tune-up and getting it washed, because the mechanic didn’t have tune-up as her main goal but to get your car as good looking as possible. Not only will the car malfunction as before, but you’d probably still get charged for the washing you didn’t ask for.

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Top 5 posts in 2013 – this far

It’s the beginning of June and it’s time to summarize the visit stats once more. There has been a great deal of change since the last summarization but one of the posts from that list has “survived” into 2013.

  1. Learning by PowerPoint – This post is a behemoth in drawing visitors. A part of it is because “PowerPoint” is a search buzzword that generates hits without regard of the content. The other reason is of course because the post’s subject is engaging to anyone. We’ve all seen the really bad PowerPoint presentation and know what this can do to you… and your learning.
  2. Stop stealing dreams – Seth Godin holds a glorious lecture/talk in front of a live audience on the subject of learning and the schools of today. Don’t miss it!
  3. Annoyed with my own post – Why this focus on training? – A self-analyzing piece on my own writing and the difference between the terms learning and training.
  4. Multi-layer learning – There’s not one way to provide learning events. There’s also not only one point in time where you learn. Read all about it here and in the follow-up post (top 7) Work-based learning.
  5. 10 key learning technology trends – I was interviewed by Kineo’s MD, Steve Rayson, and this is a summary of their e-learning insights report. The report is of course well worth the read.