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Business performance vs Certification requirements

Training and formal learning of any kind is nowadays seen as something old-fashioned or an necessary evil. Old-fashioned because of course it should be social, through networks rather than hierarchies, extracted from work instead of added to work etc. However, in some businesses we’ve got something called certification requirements. You’re not allowed into the customer’s facility without that badge of certification to do any repairs or whatnot.

This is when we come back to the “necessary evil” side of formal learning. For your employees to be allowed to enter your customer’s facilities they need to be formally certified. This is the Why and the What but it’s not as clear cut regarding the How. I suggest the following:

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From Training to Performance partners

Browsing the web in search for insightful people I’ve came across Kirkpatrick partners (yup, the guys behind the 4 levels of measuring). Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick wrote an inspiring post a few days ago – Learning Is Not the Holy Grail – and this post of mine is based on their post and extended with my own thoughts as well as those of Jane Hart and Robert O. Brinkerhoff.

Table Set for Seder

“You can find recipes, buy ingredients, set a table, and prepare dishes. What you can’t do is guarantee that people will eat your food.”


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